UK Businesses confident, Barclays poll reveals

Nearly three quarters of UK businesses have a positive and confident attitude towards the economy, a recent Barclays Commercial Bank poll found.

The Connecting Business survey, carried out at Barclays Commercial events held at different places across the UK, found that 57% of respondents characterised their outlook towards the economy as “hopeful” (with a further 17% describing their attitude as “excited”) while 11% said they were “worried” by the state of the economy.

The research also revealed that 15% of respondents believed their company will move back into a sustained growth phase within the next six months and 28% within 6 to 12 months. Additionally, 29% claimed their business continues to grow.
Only 5% of respondents believed it would take more than 18 months for their company to move back into a sustained growth phase.

A 70% of business leaders are working towards creating or sustaining a profitable niche, as opposed to the 9% who are focusing on just surviving.



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