NASA Selects 16 Small Business Research and Technology Projects

NASA selected 16 small business projects to address important research and technology needs.
The awards are part of 2 NASA’s initiatives:
– the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program
– the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Program.
Under the SBIR program, NASA selected 12 small high technology firms in 9 states for negotiation of phase II contracts, with a total value of approximately $7.2m.
The STTR program selected 4 proposals for negotiation of phase II contract awards, with a total value of approximately $2.4m. The awards went to 4 small high technology firms in 4 states partnered with 3 research institutions in 3 states.
Research areas being pursued among these proposals include:
– innovative technologies for improvement in design and analysis of flight deck automation;
– technologies for long-term cryogenic propellant storage applications in-space, on the lunar surface and on Earth such as fluid system components, cryogenic insulation and conditioning systems;
– development of advanced power conversion, energy storage and power electronics to enable or enhance the capabilities of future science missions;
– technologies providing novel approaches in reconfigurable, reprogrammable communication systems for human and robotic missions.

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