A Contract for Difference or CFD, as it is popularly referred to, is a type of derivative trading. In CFD trading, you get to theorize if the price of an asset will increase or decrease, without you actually possessing the asset. Therefore, how well a CFD performs is a reflection of the underlying asset. The […]


For a merchant business in this day and age, processing transactions doesn’t have to end with your current jurisdiction. Often times, you’ll receive orders from customers that live in other countries. To cater to these types of customers, you’d have to facilitate virtual transactions, wherein customers would make payments for your wares without making a […]


Ever worried about job security? As you may already know, the world is quickly becoming more tech-centric and most of the jobs have some technological elements. The cloud, big data, robotics — and these are only a couple of areas that are increasingly shaping the way lots of industries work today. This implies that a […]


Businesses usually prioritize security above all else. They want to secure their resources, confidential information from potential leaks or hacks. Since con artists and hackers frequently target companies, it is important to establish a security plan and to educate employees about potential dangers.