Finding a Place for Living: Options for University Students and Startup Founders

It is not an easy question where young people, whether a university student or a founder launching its startup, will feel more comfortable.

If a person is used to live in a separate room with all the conveniences, it is difficult for him/her to adapt to the realities of a hostel or a shared envoriment. However, those who want to dive into student or startup life and will be able to study or work in any condition can stop there. Before making a final choice, let’s consider all the options in detail.

1) Hostel

Most non-residents hope to get a place in the hostel. However, the number of those in need of housing often exceeds the number of places. Besides, the quality of this housing and living conditions are not always the best. However, in the last few years, private hostels have become an alternative to college hostels. They are better equipped and you can choose a place near the university, the startup incubator or accelerator. Anyway, the advantage of this option is an affordable price and location.

2) Rental Apartment

Experts of the essaysmatch agree that the best option is to choose a separate housing. Nobody will interfere, and a student or professional will be able to fully engage in his activity. The only problem is that renting individual housing requires a decent part of the budget, especially if you are looking for an apartment in the capital or big city.

There are several possible options for such students:

1) one-room apartments of a small area (for 1-2 people);

2) multi-room apartments (each room for a single person, while the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet are shared);

There is nothing wrong with renting a shared apartment with a classmate or co-founder. In this case, you can get 2 in 1 — comfortable housing for a moderate price.

3) New Apartment

One of the beneficial ways is buying a new apartment. So, with a sufficient level of down payment, the remaining payments can be compared with the cost of rent and after graduation, the individual will already have his own property in a large city. However, this option needs additional financial investments for repair, furniture, utility bills, and maintenance. Buying an apartment is a good option because after several years the property may increase in price and become a successful investment.

How to Select a Housing?

If you stopped your selection on the rental apartment, you should be attentive to the following parameters:

  1. Season — the peak of the search occurs in mid-summer (July-August), so many people are advised to start the search earlier. Then there are more offers to choose from.
  2. Location — the proximity to the place of study / work will significantly save your travel costs.
  3. Infrastructure — shops, markets, sports grounds, and gyms — all this is very important.
  4. Area and utility bills — an apartment with a small quadrature and neat repair is better than a big one of dubious quality. This is important in terms of the cost of utilities — especially heating and hot water in the cold season.
  5. Appliances and furniture — many owners are trying to raise the price for the availability of furniture or appliances. Remember that this is not an argument in modern conditions — the presence of a refrigerator and hot water is a necessary minimum when renting a home.
  6. Neighbors and surroundings — do not be too lazy to walk around the house and meet future neighbors. Maybe it is not so important that you will make friends with them, but they should not cause unnecessary stress.

To Sum Up

Finally, whatever option you choose the main criterion should be your comfort. So, make a wise decision and enjoy your housing.

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