Oxx Raises $133M to Back Europe’s SaaS Companies from Series A and Beyond


Oxx, a London, UK and Stockholm, Sweden-based focused B2B software investor, raised $133m to back Europe’s most promising SaaS companies from series A and beyond.

The fund is backed by leading investors, including British Patient Capital, Pool Re, PFR, OurCrowd and a number of other institutions, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Founded by Richard Anton and Mikael Johnsson in 2017, Oxx invests broadly across software applications and infrastructure, with a particular interest in five key themes data convergence & refinery, future of work, financial services infrastructure, user empowerment, and sustainable business.

The firm uses a model that encourages portfolio companies to build sustainable businesses that can retain market dominance, rather than push for a one-size-fits-all “growth at all costs” model.

Oxx’s current portfolio companies are:

– Apica, a Performance monitoring tool for companies with complex IT infrastructures

– Codility, a comprehensive tech recruiting platform for hiring at scale

– Funnel, an automated performance reporting and intelligence for businesses

– ThinkTank, a cloud-based stakeholder engagement system for enterprises

– Zift, a provider of a Channel sales, marketing and operations technology platform.

Anton and Johnsson are joined by Robert Easton, who was previously head of several Carlyle Group funds, as Senior Adviser.



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