Living Map Raises Further £2.6M in Funding

LivingMap 2Living Map, a Bath, UK-based digital map and data platform, raised a further £2.6m in funding.

Backers, which has raised £3.8m in total funding to date, included Committed Capital, Mercia and other existing shareholders.

The company intends to use the funds to launch a new software package that will enable its technology to be adopted by a wider audience, including large indoor venues like airports, retail sites, hospitals and smart cities.

Founded in 2010 by urban design consultant Tim Fendley, and also led by Adam Coxen, Living Map provides “location of things” software that allows companies to produce their own customised maps which, unlike similar services, can operate in both outdoor and indoor spaces. It can also be linked to sensors to locate and track people or assets in real time – for example to monitor high-value products moving along a production line or map air quality in different parts of a city.



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