Jeff Schumacher Launches 55 Catalyst Capital

Jeff Schumacher - LinkedIn Profile Headshot
Jeff Schumacher – LinkedIn Profile Headshot

Jeff Schumacher, founder and former head of BCG Digital Ventures, has left the corporate innovation and incubation firm to launch 55 Catalyst Capital, an investment manager and financial services firm focused on decentralized technology and digital assets.

55 Catalyst Capital will focus entirely on decentralization and next generation internet infrastructure that will create new economies. The firm combines expertise in technology, venture capital, public markets and financial services to address the unique nature of projects built on decentralized and cryptographic technology.

As an early innovator and investor in blockchain and cryptographic technology, Schumacher holds the view that decentralized technology will transform every industry as the internet did in previous decades.
In conjunction with the launch announcement, he said: “Decentralized technology is about much more than cryptocurrency and blockchain.”
“This is the next generation internet, and it will disrupt every sector. Today’s systems – from our technology to our governments and society – are broken and trust is declining. Decentralization brings security, transparency and access in a way that restores trust. New economies and business models are being formed through decentralized technology. 55 Catalyst Capital will serve the finance and investment requirements of these new economies.”
“The unique nature of decentralized projects requires a very different approach to finance and investing. You need multidisciplinary teams, strong technical capabilities and scale to win in this space,” he added.

Schumacher, who co-founded Booz Digital and Axon Advisory Partners and led the North American marketing and sales practice of McKinsey & Company prior to launching DV in 2014, is joined by Juan Bruce, former Managing Partner of Ænigma Capital, and Jason Nolte, former Venture Partner at GM Ventures, in leading the firm.



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