Salesforce Development Simplified

The Digital Transformation & Business

Today, no business is complete without digital adoption. Be it your internal processes or customer-centric applications. You need to have a digital strategy to attain business growth. These two factors form the foundation of your business growth.
When it comes to the digital transformation, Salesforce is leading the race. Organizations, globally and across the domains, are using Salesforce in different ways. Be it your CRM, business reporting or apps, Salesforce is a must-have suite for the businesses. Salesforce development services are one of the significant blocks of this whole gamut.

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How It Is Used

Salesforce development is fragmented into different aspects, such as sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, and mobile.
The other essential components are:
• Customization
• Integration
• Implementation
• Migration
• AppExchange development

Salesforce Customization

Every business has its requirements and goals to achieve. To fulfill these requirements, the market need to customize its processes. This is where Salesforce customization comes into place.
Today, Salesforce customization has become one of the typical business practices. Primarily, the Salesforce customization services consist of:
• Apex Classes
• Apex Triggers
• Custom reports & dashboards
• Third-party app integration
• Lightening components creation

Salesforce Optimization

The success of your Salesforce implementation also depends on the optimization. This optimization is targeted at maximizing the return of investment.
Usually, these optimization services are implemented through agile processes. Salesforce optimization is one of the critical aspects to make Salesforce fit to your business needs.

Salesforce Development

When you want to develop an application or software, the primary objective is the drive convenience. Salesforce development services are aimed at developing cost-effective, convenient and user-friendly products and apps.
These developments not only enhance the overall business value of Salesforce but make it more relevant and economical to your business needs.
Some of the significant components of Salesforce development services are:
• Apex Triggers
• Visualforce Pages
• Components
• Email Service
• Integrations
• Workflow

Changing Business Paradigm

It is a well-known fact that today, Salesforce is one of the most commonly used suites of applications across the globe. The customization, optimization as well as development or any other integration is influenced mainly by the business needs.

Today, businesses must work on different fronts to maintain steady business growth. Be it customer communication, customer relationship management, sales, or internal processes; Salesforce is changing the way businesses are tackling these requirements.

We are living in the age of speed, and it is affecting every business aspect. Apart from this speed, the cost is also an essential factor. To become successful today, the business needs to maintain a balance between speed and cost. Not every company can manage to keep the required speed and not every business can lead to incurring the charge. Hence, it is advisable to adopt a strategy that can prove to be fruitful in maintaining both these components.

Salesforce is the answer to this situation. By developing customized and cost-effective applications, businesses can manage both speed and the cost factor. It is also essential to understand one more business aspect, and this is global acceptance. In this time and age, we cannot work in isolation. It needs to be a collaborative approach to achieve business growth.

Most of the times, one business must partner with another company to complete customer offerings. In such scenarios, there needs to be coordination between these two businesses. Primarily, this collaboration is based on technology used. If these businesses are using a conventional technology platform, then this collaboration becomes more fruitful, convenient and straightforward. Hence, Salesforce becomes a popular choice.

It wouldn’t be more comfortable for the businesses to collaborate and communicate in the simplest way possible without the help of Salesforce. The technology advancements have always been business oriented. However, now the time has changed. These advancements have become more customer-centric. Salesforce development services exactly do the same. By developing the customer-centric applications, businesses have more advantages.

Salesforce Development: The Future Ahead

If you have to understand the global coverage of Salesforce, here are some crucial stats (Source –
1. Salesforce has a 20% market share in CRM space.
2. Around 88% of companies of Fortune 100 have at least one Salesforce app.
3. 3000+ apps deployed on Salesforce AppExchange
If you look at these stats carefully, it is visible that Salesforce has garnered a solid momentum globally and will continue to do so. Salesforce development services are one of the easiest ways to build, modify, as well as optimize or customize your new or existing Salesforce implementation. Although Salesforce development services offer a variety of offerings under the umbrella, it is a critical standalone feature of your business growth.

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