Cubiq Foods Raises €12M in Funding

cubiq foodsCubiq Foods, a Barcelona, Spain-based healthy cell-based fats startup, raised €12M in funding.

Moira Capital Partners made the investment.

In details, Moira will invest €5m in 2019 to enable the construction of an R & D laboratory and a pilot plant with the capacity to produce up to 5.6 tons per year and €EURm in 2021 as the capacity of the plant will be increased to 700 tons per year.
The continued expansion includes the opening of new production plants from resources generated by CUBIQ FOODS themselves.

Founded by CSO Dr. Raquel Revilla and CEO Andrés Montefeltro, Cubiq Foods is a producer of cell-based fat for a healthy and sustainable diet. The company will develop and commercialize cell-based fat of animal origin to enhance the flavour of food, to enrich it with essential fatty acids (omega-3) to reduce the use of trans fats and palm oil.
Cubiq Foods will produce cultivated fat enriched in omega-3 from cell culture following a natural and controlled process, in new facilities with the capacity for industrial scaling.



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