Look At Fourteen Quality Apps For College & High School Students

We are today living a world which runs on apps. It could be making payment on mobile or even parking one’s vehicle. Hence most of these apps have become an integral part of our daily life. Hence it would be better if we don’t forget the growing importance of any great app in our day to day activities. In this article we will be looking at some apps which could be useful for high school and college students. There are many such apps but we will be looking at a few of them based on the feedbacks from end users and also from experts. We are sure they could be considered as a great tool for college students and also for those students who are in high school.

My Study Life

This is a free app which could come in handy when it comes to being an organized high school or college student. It could help to organize lessons, assignments and tests. It will ensure that students do not miss classes because of the various inbuilt features which it has. It can be directly accessed on mobile phones and also laptop or tablets. It also can work offline and therefore it is considered one of the best study apps in the market today.

Dragon Anywhere

It is basically a dictation app that can help you to speak your mind into the phone and then have a transcript of the same. It has a step-by-step instruction guide which makes it quite easy to use. However, it is not a free app and you will have to spend around $15 for it. There are students who feel that their school year could be better utilized with this app.

Sleep Cycle Tracker

If you wish to have a good record of your sleep cycle then this could be the app which you could try out. This app will ensure that you get at least eight hours of sleep so that you stay fresh and energetic the next day.

Movie Tickets

All of us need a break from our activities and students need it even more. Hence students find this suitable for buying movie tickets from their mobile phones. It comes with the flexibility of booking tickets on the day of the event and enjoying discounts quite often on such purchases. It is one of the more exciting free apps which appeals to students.

Academ Advisor

This app does have a number of tips that are useful for students. It does help students to learn grammar and essay properly. It could be useful for learning homophones and also for efficient proofreading and also to gain insight as to what tutors are on the lookout for.

Circle Of 6

It could be one of the best app offers that students could come across. It could be useful in keeping students safe off and on campus. It permits you to send message when you are walking back home alone. It perhaps uses cloud technology and Google Drive for transmitting messages, route taken and other such details to friends and family members. It has won some awards because of the features it comes with.


When you are writing a thesis and need a helping hand you can use this to have the same designed the right way. It is an online tool and could be useful in more ways than one. Hence it could be a good addition to your list.

Flash Cards

Flash cards perhaps get its inspiration from the paper version. If you have used the paper version of Flash card then you would find this a very useful and handy tool. It helps you to remember things and ensure that you do not miss out on important to-do tasks on a daily basis.

State Of Writing

This is another tool which could help you to check on your spelling, improve style of writing and other such issues. There are many students who seemingly have benefitted from this app. Since it can be integrated with all major word processing applications, it certainly is a big bonanza for many students in more ways than one.


This is an app that helps you to think loud and clear. This app could be a good tool for brainstorming activities. It could be useful for creating useful maps in the mind using online resources. It also is possible to integrate this app with other media and make good use of it.


EssaysMatch is another quality service which could come in handy for writing dissertations and essays. It also could help your CV building and also is a good proofreading too. It could come in handy when you wish to have the right selection of words.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office perhaps needs no introduction and this indeed is a proven and time tested package. It could be useful for college and high school students in many ways. In fact it could be considered indispensable.


This app could be very useful for all those who are into science and math. It also could be an all encompassing writing services app. It could help with essays, resume writing and also editing and proof reading.


This could be considered as an all-in-one app which offers facility for notes, making diary entries, working out workstreams. It helps students to stay organized and make studying easier.

While the above are considered good and useful, we need to also have a closer look at Rapid Essay. It comes with some of the richest features. It is a feature rich app which comes packed with a number of advantages. It offers free revision, part payments, live chatting with writers and also the best of plagiarism features.

The Final Word

In fine while the above apps could make the task of studying easy for students, the onus lies on students to ensure that they spend time doing their assignments for the day. They also should be regularly in touch with their subjects and stay up to date.

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