Get a Slice of the $50 Million Industry Without Owning a Helicopter

helicopterTravelling in and around New York is a time-consuming affair.

Trying to get to West Hampton from New York can be a long wait on the road. Instead of waiting behind the steering wheel anyone can simply get to West Hampton in minutes. An estimated $50 million industry is based on providing the convenient service of helping people avoid traffic by taking to the skies.
You can cash in on regular West Hamptons helicopter tours from New York. For both tours and transport helicopter flights have become very common. The industry now demands more employees.


The second most important factor of the industry is pilots. Without pilots, the helicopters will be grounded and not be making any money. $182,411, as of July 2018, was the median annual salary of a helicopter pilot. You can even make over $200,000 annually as a charter helicopter pilot. You do need formal training and certification for this job, but it is a highly paid one.

Maintenance Crew

Helicopters are complicated machinery that needs a lot of care and maintenance. The helicopters need to be given a check and maintenance after every flight. Forgoing these steps can ground the flight. Keeping safety of the customers in mind there is always a requirement for maintenance crews. From refuelling to machinery checks, maintenance crews keep the helicopters up and running. You can earn an average annual salary of $63,480. It can go up to around $88,970. These jobs again need years of training.

Guest Service Agent

If you cannot afford to train as a pilot or aircraft mechanic you can be a Guest Service Agent. This job profile is highly varied. From chauffeurs to porters, you may get to perform any task under this job profile. You are in charge of taking care of the needs of the customers making sure that their journey to and off the flight is enjoyable.

Marketing and Business Development Executive

The booming industry has brought in a lot of competitors. Marketing and business development teams are needed to get an edge for the competing service providers. There are some service providers that are valued at $25 million. To gain such a space in the market newer companies are constantly on the lookout to expand their marketing and business development teams.

Background Staff

To keep the business up and running there is a need for people working in an office. Accountants, IT support, customer care executives and back office staff keep the rotors running. Whatever your job profile is you can find a job that fits your strong suit in the industry.

Security Personnel

Security is needed both at the office as well as the helipad. Without the security staff, there is a chance of expensive damages to the helicopters. Since security has to be present at all times, there is always a high demand for security personnel in the industry.
These are only a few jobs that are related to the industry. You can hit the job finding sites and start working for a helicopter charter or tour company near you.

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