BioConsortia Secures $10M in Series D Funding

BioConsortia, Inc., a Davis, CA-based provider of microbial solutions for natural plant trait enhancement and yield improvement, closed a further $10m Series D round of equity financing.

The round was led by Otter Capital with participation from Khosla Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds for the commercial development of a number of novel microbial consortia products — focused toward corn, wheat, soy, tomatoes, and leafy veg, and expansion of its Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) platform, incorporating more specialized analytics.

Led by Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO, BioConsortia is developing effective microbial solutions that enhance plant phenotypes and increase crop yields. The company is advancing the use of directed selection in identifying teams of microbes – working like plant breeders and selecting plants based on targeted characteristics, then isolating the associated microbial community.
The company’s proprietary Advanced Microbial Selection (AMS) process enriches the crop microbiome, allowing the company to identify organisms that influence the expression of beneficial traits in plants. BioConsortia is currently focused on products for fertilizer use efficiency, growth improvement and both abiotic tolerance and biotic resistance, as commercial seed treatments, liquid in-furrow products, and granule products for a range of crops.



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