Singlera Genomics Raises $60M in Series A+ Financing

Singlera Genomics, a La Jolla, Calif.- and Shanghai, China-based non-invasive genetic diagnostics company that focuses on early-stage cancer detection, secured a US$60m in Series A+ financing.

The round was led by Green Pine Capital Partners and Prosperico Ventures with participation from UCF Medical Investment, Jointown Pharmaceutical Group, and Lilly Asia Ventures, among others.

The company intends to use the funds to expand the development and commercialization of its non-invasive genetic tests for early-stage cancer detection and clinical validation studies, to further expand its research facilities and its TiTanSeq™ and MONOD™ platforms into new product lines that address early cancer detection, diagnosis and personalized treatment.

Co-founded in July 2014 by Yuan Gao, PhD, Professor Kun Zhang (University of California at San Diego), Mr. Jiangli Zhang (CEO), Mr. Qiang Liu (COO), and Dr. Rui Liu (CTO), Singlera Genomics develops non-invasive genetic tests using proprietary technologies including single cell sequencing, DNA methylation sequencing and machine learning. Its address the continuing needs for early-stage cancer detection, personalized cancer treatment, prenatal diagnosis, and pre-implantation genetic screening. Additionally, Singlera provides customized next generation sequencing services to pharmaceutical companies and medical research institutions.
The company currently has R&D centers and business operations in both La Jolla, California, and Shanghai, China.



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