Bose Launches Bose Ventures to Invest up to $50M in Startups

Bose has launched Bose Ventures, its venture capital arm which will invest up to $50m in startups focused on apps, services, or technologies for the Bose AR platform.

The venture arm has been launched in conjunction with Bose AR, the company’s audio augmented reality platform, focused on improving daily life.
The platform aims to build wearable solutions that deliver audio quality for listening to music, talking on the phone, or using VPAs, using sensors to track head motion, and the GPS from an iOS or Android device to track location. The sensors send the motion and location data to a Bose AR-enabled app that aggregates the information, sending relevant, real-time content back to the user’s ears instantly. It’s hands-free, heads-up, and wirelessly, so there’s no need to grab, read or touch the phone. And it can be used for multiple applications, e.g., travel, learning and music.
Bose AR has introduced a minuscule, wafer-thin acoustics package developed specifically for the platform, representing the future of mobile micro-sound with jaw-dropping power and clarity. It can be built into headphones, eyewear, helmets and more, with no compromise to their existing functionality. And it allows simple head gestures, voice, or a tap on the wearable to control content— replacing the need to swipe, type, or tap a touchscreen for the same commands.

The company has also launched a prototype pair of glasses, which are Bluetooth® compatible with microphones for calls, Siri or Google Assistant, and new proprietary technology that keeps audio private. It also announced its SDK schedule date for developers, manufacturers, and research institutions.

The Bose AR platform is open to approved developers and manufacturers. Collaborations underway include ASICS Studio, Strava, TripAdvisor, TuneIn, and Yelp. Bose is also collaborating with academic research institutions, including the MIT Media Lab to advance human interaction related to augmented audio reality, and the NYU Future Reality Lab.

Led by Steve Romine, Managing Director, William Rice, Venture Investor, and Adam Jackson, Venture Investor, Bose Ventures is looking to invest in entrepreneurs who are focused in areas where Bose can help them build:

  • Wearables: enabling technology or new digital experiences for wearables
  • Wellness: innovative products, technologies or digital experiences to help people live healthier and more engaged lives
  • Audio: connected digital experiences and innovative applications for audio
  • AR: apps and technology that leverage and extend the Bose AR platform

The venture arm has already invested in Qleek, Signature Medical, Embr Labs, Core Wellness, RadioPublic, and MEMS Microphones.



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