Wag! Website Receives $300 Million in Funding

Known as one of the leading authorities when it comes to canines, Wag! has become a respected website that is accessed by many dog owners and lovers looking for information, advice, and resources. The company works with a range of animal shelters and charities in the United States and runs a comprehensive website that is geared toward providing quality information and advice to those with pet dogs.

Recently, an official from Wag! announced that there had been some very good news in terms of investment. A businessman from Japan was so impressed with the company and the website that he has offered an investment of $300 million, which is something that will help the company to continue growing and flourishing. This is great news for Wag! as well as for the many people who turn to the site for advice and information. Finding information in any area has become easier as a result of the internet with people turning to everything from Dore Aesthetic for information about cosmetic surgery through to Trip Advisor for information and reviews on travel destination. Wag! is fast becoming the go to place for those who want information about canines, covering everything from dog related activities and events in specific areas through to information about dog health and habits.

A great investment for the company

This massive investment has come as a huge boon for the company, which has already enjoyed huge growth and success over recent years. As a result of this investment, the company will now be able to develop the site even more as well as continue its work with animal shelters and charities in the United States. The site has already been features in a range of popular publications, which includes Forbes, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Los Angeles Times.

The site also works as a valuable resource for busy dog owners looking for dog walkers, and many people have already left reviews and testimonials about how excellent the service is. For many dog owners, things such as full time work, studying, and raising a family can affect their ability to spend as much time as they would like to with their pet. Unlike cats, dogs are not as independent, so making sure there is someone available for things such as walks is vital. This is where the company is able to step in and help by ensuring that dog lovers are able to connect with walkers.

In addition to this, the site provides access to a range of resources including the latest dog news, tips and hints, a comprehensive blog, and information on everything from dog grooming through to behavior, health, and breeds. This makes it a one stop resource for those that love and own dogs as well as those thinking of getting a dog for the first time. With the help of this investment, the site and company will be able to go from strength to strength.

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