Think3 to Launch a $1 Billion Private Equity Fund for SaaS Founders

According to a press release, Austin, TX-based Think3 is launcing a $1 billion private equity fund for SaaS founders.

The fund is based on a different model: instead of holding onto their current, modestly-growing company, it will buy their company and transition founders in 100 days to take their full team and build their next startup, providing $500k in a no-equity angel round to get started.

Part of the ESW Capital family and led by Andy Tryba, founder and CEO, Think3 enables founders to adopt a time-based portfolio approach by offering to:
– Buy their SaaS company
– Pay $500k in cash, no equity seed round (or $1m with equity)
– Complete diligence and close in four weeks
– Transition founder and team in 100 days, so they can take their team and build their next startup
– Introduce founder and team to key VCs to help launch their new startup




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