Sleep Number Losses $17 Million to Personal Comforts Bed in Lawsuit

Personal Comforts Bed won back to back lawsuit cases against Sleep Number. Personal Comforts fought against two claims and three distinct licenses and won against Sleep Number.

The case was under the jurisdiction of the U.S. International Trade Commission. The last year October’s government jury-trial decision and win in 2016 are both an enormous win. During the trial, Sleep Number made an accusation that Personal Comfort was using a false claim that their products were more superior than the Sleep Number’s product and in fact were a superior versions of Sleep Number. The President of American National Manufacturing Craig Miller did something unique to make a judgement. He made two beds namely a Personal Comfort A8 and a Sleep Number i8.

This was to test the beds and compare various features. This little show also made it possible for the jury to analyze and reject the Sleep Number’s false-promoting claims. Personal Comfort is the main Sleep number Competitor and this is an established fact.

The judgement came out as a major win for the small-scale business owners. The Personal Comfort has been Sleep Number’s biggest rival for over a decade. Baxter became popular in this field of bedding business way back in 2000’s. He has an enormous impact on various organizations in this business. In fact he also helped Sleep Number’s competitor Comfortaire Corporation. Sleep Number later bought the Comfortaire Corporation in 2012.

The prime reason as reported by the TheSleepStudies behind the classic judgement was what we mentioned earlier, Craig Miller’s decision to build two beds side by side to prove that the advertising claims were not mythical.

Sleep Number demanded a gigantic sum of over $17.1 million from the Personal Comforts. The hefty amount was surely a huge lawsuit ask and the jury agreed to grant less than one percent of the amount that was asked for. In numbers, it granted around $120,812 against Personal Comfort for few claims on its website and released the Personal Comfort from any other obligations.

In the end, this was not only a moral victory for the defendants as they took this a victory of their product quality over the Sleep Number’s product. Miller added that had it not been the jury’s methodical way to find the worth of claim, the story would have been different. In fact he was heard making claims that the jury congratulated the Personal Comfort and even asked questions on how they can buy Personal Comfort products.

Before the trial started, Baxter was firm in his belief and decided to give Sleep Number a tough fight. The whole ideology was not to lose against any form of bully tactics used by Sleep Number. Well it turned out to be a massive win and Baxter couldn’t be happier. The win is also considered to be one of the most sensual victories ever. This is notably due to the fact that Sleep Number itself has been involved in registering lawsuits against its rivals in past and using hard arm against anyone that come their way.

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