Reflective Venture Partners Launches Blockchain Technology Fund with RChain Cooperative

Reflective Venture Partners, a Seattle, WA-based newly formed, privately owned and managed blockchain technology firm, has launched its initial fund (Fund One) in the amount of 100m RHOC, RChain Cooperative’s native cryptocurrency.

The fund will support its investment in and incubation of blockchain-specific distributed applications (dApps) and decentralized solutions.

Managed by Steve Careaga, Greg Heuss, and David Otto, Reflective plans to fund a minimum of twelve dApps in 2018, and over the course of the year will mentor and directly assist with each startups respective deployment onto the RChain blockchain platform in an effort to advance an open-source, decentralized, proof-of-stake platform that addresses the deficiencies of existing blockchain architecture through speed, scale and versatility.

Reflective Venture Partners originates from an ongoing strategic partnership with RChain Cooperative (acting as Reflective’s LP in fund one), a third generation blockchain platform that will allow developers to build self-sufficient, high-performance applications with built-in industrial grade scalability and speed.

RChain, the brainchild of Greg Meredith, a mathematician and software engineer who has previously worked at several high-tech companies including Microsoft. The Board and Cooperative includes:
– Vlad Zamfir, lead researcher for The Ethereum Foundation’s Casper Proof of Stake protocol,
– Alexandr Bulkin co-founder of Coinfund,
– Kenny Rowe, co-founder of MakerDAO, and
– David Currin, Ethereum developer working with MakerDAO and DappHub.



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