Celularity Raises $250M in Funding

Celularity, a Warren, NJ-based newly formed biotechnology company, raised $250M in funding.

Backers included:
– Celgene (NSDQ: CELG),
– United Therapeutics (NSDQ: UTHR),
– Sorrento Therapeutics (NSDQ: SRNE),
– Human Longevity, Inc.,
– Genting Group,
– the Dreyfus Family Office,
– Section 32, and
– Heritage Group.

Founded by stem cell pioneer Robert Hariri, MD, PhD, and Vice Chairman, Peter H. Diamandis, MD, Celularity sources, develops, and deploys transformative therapies derived from the placenta for treatment of complex medical conditions including hematological and solid tumors, autoimmune disease, diabetes, as well as degenerative effects of aging. By combining synergistic assets from Celgene, United Therapeutics, Sorrento Therapeutics, and Human Longevity Inc., the company is accelerating the development of cell and tissue regenerative products to address unmet medical needs.
Celularity has a board of industry luminaries including Vice Chairman, John Sculley, formerly of Apple and Pepsi-Cola, Bill Maris of Section 32 (previously founder and CEO of Google Ventures), and Andrew von Eschenbach, former commissioner of the US Food and Drug Administration.
Its intellectual property and research portfolio consists of 800 patents as well as pre-clinical and clinical assets, including CAR constructs for allogeneic CAR-T/NK products, licenses to 100+ immunotherapy assets, and commercial stage biosourcing and functional regeneration businesses.



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