Kellify Issues the First Ethereum-Based Convertible Note

Italian-based AI-startup Kellify S.p.A. has launched the first convertible note (SFP Ethereum) designed for the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

The company has issued a range of short-term financial instruments, such as convertible note, warrant and SFP Ethereum for a total of US$1.5M.
The proceeds will be used to support the development of Ai-modeling activities, along with current talent acquisition investments.

Kellify is an Artificial Intelligence that starts out as a Science Assistant helping you find the science you need in strategic markets: banking, asset management, commodities trading, sports betting. Kellify deploys scalable machine learning and deep learning models across the most critical financial and economics institutions in the world to solve some of the hardest analytical problems of our time through data-driven decision-making.

What’s quite clear is we have momentum with a lot of markets” Kellify Chief Innovation and Product Officer Francesco Magagnini said. “We’re combining massive amounts of data, world-class computing power to develop sophisticated predictive and trading models, and as we do that, we’re learning a lot about what it takes to better understand our oldest and most complex human systems including social and economic systems. This is going to allow us to really step on our models and algorithms, to scale-up in a large operating business environment“.



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