How to Invest in Cryptocurrency Anonymously

If you are going to get involved in the global cryptocurrency trend, you may need to know a couple of things that would allow you to hide your activity from the third parties that may be interested in your data. It is rather easy and doesn’t demand any special skills like coding or advanced accounting.

Use VPN Services

This is the first thing you need to do. Actually it would be better to make using VPN a usual habit, even when you are just surfing the web, but when you are dealing with investments it is especially important. There are many Free VPN Providers available, so you should choose one and activate it each time you are going to surf for information or make investments. And there are at least two reasons for you to use VPN:
account security considerations – most of the advanced services consider login IP, so you will provide additional protection to your account if the login IP would differ from your usual one;
anonymous surfing – no one will know who is hiding behind the IP as VPN services are used by millions of people all over the world.

Use E-Wallets

Most of the electronic currency services have rather low demands to the clients when it comes to personal information, so you should use this advantage and make deposits on your e-wallets and then use those to buy/sell cryptocurrency. Of course , there are some limitations that you may face. For example, for most of the e-wallets there are set limits for payments and the amount of funds on the wallet for unauthorized users; however, this usually means you have to create several e-wallet accounts.

When you use the e-wallet, you decide whether your contragents see your name and surname, since only the wallet number and your nick could be screened. Moreover, when it comes to defining the beneficiar, the person that is interested to indicate your identity has to make more efforts – the cryptocurrency wallet has to be linked to your e-wallet account and then to the payment method you use.

Use Payment Terminals

As a rule, using payment terminal is the only way to avoid deanonymization when you add funds to your e-wallet or make a deposit to the cryptocurrency storage service. If you pay with your credit card or PayPal account there are many ways to determine your identity easily. However, when you use payment terminal, you only need to enter the destination point and insert the cash into the terminal – it is a very convenient and quick way to add funds.

Smart Withdrawal Needed

There is always a smart way to withdraw funds. It is better not to use your bank account, money transfers or things like that for withdrawal. Concentrate on the ways of exchanging cryptocurrency or e-wallet currency on cash using local forums or exchange services that offer cash withdrawal without IDs.

There are many ways to withdraw anonymously if you are dealing with Bitcoin, however, for other cryptocurrencies it is a bit more complicated.

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