Tropos Technologies Closes $1.2M Seed Funding Round

Tropos Technologies, a San Jose, CA-based provider of an electric compact utility vehicle, closed a $1.2m seed funding round.

The company intends to use the funds to develop its electric low-speed vehicle (E-LSV) dealer network to bring the Cenntro Automotive Corporation METRO compact utility vehicle (CUV) to the U.S. market.

Led by CEO John Bautista, Tropos Technologies is a distributor of the Cenntro METRO, an electric compact utility vehicle, ideally suited for local delivery, maintenance crew transportation, parking enforcement, and people transport on campuses or in communities.

The company helped design and develop the vehicle, which is already widely available in Europe and Asia.

The METRO™ is a street-legal 10 kW low speed vehicle can achieve optional ranges of up to 120 miles, a top speed of up to 40 mph (per local laws), an estimated MPGe of 145, up to 4.3 M/Kwh, on-road payload capacity of up to 1,200 pounds (2,000 pounds off-road), and a turning radius of 150 inches (12.5 feet). The METRO is available in three basic configurations: a pickup bed, cargo box, and tradesman package, all of which can be modified to suit the operator’s unique needs, before or after purchase.



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