Replika Raises $6.5M in Series A.2 Funding Round

Replika, a San Francisco-based AI based maker of an “AI friend that’s always there for you“, raised $6.5m in Series A.2 funding round.

Backers included Khosla Ventures, Sherpa Capital, Phil Libin, co-founder of Evernote, and Richard Socher, chief scientist at Salesforce.

The company, which brings total funding to $11m, intends to use the funds to expand the user base and further develop the chatbot technology.

Led by co-founder Eugenia Kuyda, Replika allows users to create and chat with their own personal AI, which aims to allow “for new levels of self-reflection and an always available confidant willing to lend an ear or provide an encouraging word“.
Opened up to the general public on Nov. 1 and is available for download for iOS and Android, Replika learns quirks, tone and syntax of how a user communicates to the point where it can start sounding like its creator.



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