Base Pair Biotechnologies Completes $3.2M Series A-3 Financing Round

Base Pair Biotechnologies, Inc., a Pearland, Texas-based aptamer discovery and development company, completed its $3.2M in Series A-3 financing.

The round was led by Eventi Capital Partners and Base Pair Canada with participation from BioTex and Ashok Gowda, BioTex’s President & CEO, one of Base Pair’s founders.

Spun out of Biotex, Inc. in 2012 and led by Vicki Singer, President and CEO, Base Pair provides custom aptamer discovery and development services, as well as a small line of catalog aptamers, serving a diverse range of customer segments, including pharma and biopharma, diagnostics, environmental testing, and veterinary medicine.

The company will use the funds to acquire new lab instruments and other technology to expand its cellular and molecular analysis capabilities, enabling improved methods for finding aptamers that bind targets on and in live cells. The funding will also be used to expand the team, providing additional technical capability and enhancing geographical reach.
It is opening a new 5,000 square foot laboratory and office facility in Pearland, TX, a Houston suburb.



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