I Am On Location Secures Funding

I Am On Location, a Seattle, WA-based new video news service, secured funding from a local investor.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The company will use the funds for expansion into the Phoenix, Tucson, Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Denver, Los Angeles and Sacramento media markets this month whole a nationwide service is anticipated later this year.

Led by Alex Day, President and CEO, I Am On Location is a real-time, location-based news video company which provides certified and trained news videographers with a location-intelligent technology platform to quickly distribute news videos from location to its newsroom network.
The platform allows commercial news operations to request and consume news video content while providing work to freelance journalists, prosumer videographers, and photographers allowing them to earn money while capturing video.
Following a a free two-week unlimited use trial offering which includes custom assignments, news organizations can purchase videos for $20 per shot.
Video journalists use their own personal equipment and transportation to source news events video. All videos are verified as authentic by app-tagging the location and time of all uploaded clips. Video shots, VOs and/or interviews are only produced by authenticated certified videographers who are regularly trained and monitored.



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