Decooda Closes Series A Funding

Decooda International, Inc., an Atlanta, GA-based platform that turns understanding of customer emotions and state-of-mind into real-time, actionable insights, closed its Series A Round with TechSophy Inc.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

By leveraging its cognitive intelligence machine, based on a combination of linguistic-cognitive analytics, machine learning, deep learning and AI approaches, Decooda helps businesses analyze customer feedback to identify insights and behaviors that can be used to optimize customer experience performance, targeting and real-time engagement.

TechSophy’s investment in Decooda is structured as both strategic and finanĀ­cial. Decooda will benefit from access to TechSophy’s skills and resources in the space of BPM, analytics, and social media product offerings, and TechSophy will benefit from leveraging Decooda’s machine as an embedded solution in its Social Media Product offerings.



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