Why Every Travel Agency Needs a Custom Website Design?

Every travel agency owner or a self-employed travel agent comes to the point when there is a need to create a travel website design for his internet resource. The question is, whether it should be a custom-made one, created by the professional agency or a free website made with the standard templates. We have the decisive answer — each and every travel agency needs a custom corporate website created by experienced designers and UI and UX experts. Why?

Travelers like custom-made websites

Whether your clients are the experienced travelers or a young couple first time going to its honeymoon, in most cases they can distinguish the unique website from the one that is suspiciously similar to dozens of examples they’ve seen before.

And this is when your website can become the winning argument to choose or not choose the agency. Beautiful and unique web page with high-quality pictures from different destinations, user-friendly interface, and reliable content can draw much more potential clients than even the best travel website design created with pre-made templates.
You can add any features you want
Even though most of the travel agencies offer more or less similar services, it doesn’t mean they are all identical and need the same travel agency website design. When creating a custom website, you can think about the unique features your company may need. These could be:

  • filters;
  • customer reviews;
  • calendars;
  • favorites list;
  • predictive search etc.

Adding them to the web page is often impossible or very difficult when opting for “out of the box” websites.

Unique websites are more likely to get friendly SEO rankings from Search Engines

This point is especially important for the young agencies that just decided to design a travel website and don’t have a large client database yet. To promote your company, you need the website that will be well-ranked by the search engines and it’s much faster to achieve when having a custom-made design. The longer your website keeps the first places on the search page, the more chances you have to attract new clients and promote yourself without even having the special marketing budget.

You can get an ongoing support from the website developers

The best thing about the custom-made websites is that they are made by the experts like agentestudio that will not disappear when the website is ready. Whatever happens, you can always rely on their support. If anything doesn’t work or you came up with the new features ideas, just contact your web design agency and ask for help. Some of the top-rated designers don’t even take money for the ongoing customer support, probably because it’s already included in the price.

You can make it mobile-friendly

With the technologies moving forward, more and more people are doing everything with their smartphones, starting from the business communication and ending with buying plane tickets. To keep up with the time and stand the competition (as more than 60% of the small businesses have their websites mobile-friendly), the companies should create the best travel blog designs that will not only look and work good but will also be compatible with different mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. To make the mobile version that doesn’t crash and look decent on any screen size, it’s better to stick to the custom website made by the experienced web designers.

It looks reliable

When it comes to travel agencies, customers are usually very choosy and will bring their money to the company that looks the most reliable and has a lot of positive reviews. According to the statistics, 94% of your prospective customers can leave if your website doesn’t look reliable enough. The custom travel agency design shows that the company has invested money into the business and it often works as the competitive advantage. Trusted companies can still have websites made with free templates but they will definitely won’t be as attractive to the new clients as the ones with the unique web pages.

As you can see, having a custom made website has a lot of advantages for the travel agency and for any other business too. So one of the first things you can do for your company is to find the trusted agency and order a high-quality custom website design.

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