Top ERP Software Every Entrepreneur Should Know

According to The Third Wave experts, enterprise resource planning software has revolutionized the world of doing business significantly. Its capability to bring all the functions of a business together on one platform is a game changer for the management and the heads of departments. The directors and business owners can also get credible data in real time. There is a need therefore, for any business owner to embrace the use of a reliable ERP. Some of the top brands in the market include but are not limited to the following:

Oracle Netsuite One World
This is a strong ERP which has successfully penetrated all types of business in the world. Basically, it is set to perform three main tasks in a business, namely:
– General ledger – with the main purpose being accounting; like bookkeeping, invoicing and making financial statements.
– Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – for handling clients’ databases and all matters relating to them
– The general ERP – it has general features which guide all departments
Being a cloud-based software, it keeps on updating the software automatically and therefore, there is no need to update it. When it comes to payments, the company pays per user annually.

SAP Business One
This German-made software has also seen a global acceptance and cuts across all business categories. It is divided mainly into two parts which include the financial software and the ERP Interface. With the capability to handle small and mid-size enterprises, this software boasts of strong databases which are run under SAP HANA technology. The technology offers the capability to handle any currency in the world. Just like the other ERP software, one has to pay per user per month to enjoy the services of SAP Business One.

Sage 300c
Sage is an ERP software which conveniently handles small to midsize businesses. It is affordable and the company only pays a little for each user, making it sustainable. The ERP can either be in-house and hosted via servers or cloud-based depending on the package one takes. The interface has all a company requires to run efficiently, including accounting options and CRM capabilities. So a company runs just like any other. The owners of these small businesses can track inventory, handle suppliers and activities of all other departments with Sage 300c

Ecount ERP
One may not have heard much about Ecount but is an equally effective ERP software which supports businesses of mid-size. The software promises seamless efficiency and more so, the capability to have many users. With its real-time data accessibility, managers can make decisions fast based on reliable and factual data. Its main features include accounting, inventory, CRM and other core functions in a business.

Specifically designed for the manufacturing industry, it runs across all departments seamlessly to make one robust and manageable software. Since it is a supply ERP, its effectiveness comes in sharing real-time data so that all partners are on one page. It also includes accounting, supplies, and CRM. The company has to pay depending on the number of users who use it.
The list of ERP software above does not offer an exclusive list but some of the common ones in the market today.



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