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Those who feel tired and burnt out from work or family commitments are turning towards the idea of a housekeeper.
Having someone clean and upkeep your house can be immensely helpful. Even a weekly or bi-weekly deep clean can fully renew the sense of freshness in your home. You can finally breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that so many of your to-do list items have been crossed off by the help of someone else.

But once you decide to hire a housekeeper, the question then becomes: “how do I find a housekeeper?” Most homeowners have specific requirements for their housekeepers – they want someone to come on every other Wednesday morning – which not every housekeeper is able to do. It can be challenging finding the right housekeeper just based on the referrals of your neighbours and friends.

Enter – the leading source for finding your perfect match in the homecare industry. With hundreds of thousands housekeepers on our site, your search for the right housekeeper will be quick and easy. If you think that sounds interesting, you should take some time to view housekeepers near you!

Here’s how it works. On, you can either register as a housekeeper and a housekeeper seeker.

If you are looking for a house cleaner in your area, create a profile and listing. From there on, housekeepers will message you in response to your listing or, you can browse housekeepers yourself and message them as well! In your profile you can specify what exactly you are looking for in a housekeeper in terms of hours needed per week and services needed. You can also write a more detailed description with your location and what type of household you have.

If you are a house cleaner looking for a job, create a profile and a listing. People looking for a housekeeper can message you from your listing or, you can search through those looking in your area and message them yourself! In your profile, you can specify your hourly rate, what services you offer and any other information your employer should know. has a secure messaging and telephone portal that users can use to contact each other, and we keep all our private information safe until you are ready to share!

Click here to view housekeepers near you is super customizable! Users can filter listings by…
– Geographic location
– Services provided (e.g. bathroom cleaning, taking out the trash, window washing)
– Work Eligibility (does your housekeeper have a background check?)
– Does your housekeeper need to bring their own supplies or will you provide your own?

Once you decide on a housekeeper, keep in mind how much you’re willing to pay. House cleaning fees vary a lot – from minimum wage to over $40 per hour! Some factors to take into consideration are your location, size of your home, services provided, and frequency of cleanings.

Good luck on your search and may you find peace of mind soon with a clean house!

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