Diffblue Raises $22M in Series A Funding

Diffblue, a University of Oxford (UK) spin-out which develops an AI powered platform for code, raised $22m in Series A funding.

This round was led by Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments, alongside Oxford Sciences Innovations (OSI)and Oxford Technology and Innovations Fund (OTIF).

Founded by University of Oxford Computer Science Professor Daniel Kroening and Dr. Peter Schrammel, Diffblue develops an AI powered platform for code which automates many traditional coding tasks such as bug fixing, test writing, finding and fixing exploits, refactoring code, translating from one programing language to another, and creating original code to fit specifications.
The company is launching three products that are built on the core engine:
– a testing product that automatically spots bugs and writes tests;
– a security product that automatically flags up exploitable bugs and generates tests for those bugs; and
– a refactoring product that automatically rewrites badly expressed or out of date code.

The code-testing product, which will be fully integrated with continuous integration servers such as Jenkins and software repository providers such as GitHub, is now available for Java and C. Under development are the Python, JavaScript and C# versions of the testing product, as well as the security and refactoring product.



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