Venture Capital Firm Lightspeed China Partners to Raise $240M Fund

Lightspeed_China_PartnersLightspeed China Partners (LCP), a Shangai and Beijing, China-based venture capital firm, is raising a new fund.

According to a regulatory document filed with the SEC, Lightspeed China Partners III, L.P. is seeking to raise $240m.

Led by James Mi, Yan Han and Ron Cao, Lightspeed China Partners focuses on making early-stage investments in Internet, mobile, services and enterprise solution companies in China.
Through its relationship with Lightspeed Venture Partners, a global venture capital firm managing over $3.6 billion of committed capital with investment professionals and advisors located in Silicon Valley, India and Israel, and partners’ expertise in company operations, business consulting, and entrepreneurship, the firm is committed to supporting Chinese entrepreneurs in building global companies.
LCP (and LVP)’s portfolio includes, Bu Ding, Coding, Good Chef, iEver, Keystone Financial Technology, KJK, MaiLiangWang, Millionware House, PeerSafe, tataUFO, XiaoLuoQuZu, BTCC, CVT, Che101, DaoCloud, Dianping, e-cheng, Edaijia, FangDD, FotoPlace, Hoodinn, ihaveu, InnoLight, iPlas, Kanchufang, Lulutrip, Lian Luo, LuckyPai, MediaV, Meilele, PCH, PPDai, QingCloud, Rong360,, UU Zuche, Vanchu, Chebaobao, and Yunmanman.



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