Monteris Medical Receives $10M Loan from Oxford Finance

monterisMonteris Medical, a Plymouth, MN-based company developing innovative MRI-guided, laser-based brain lesion therapy, closed a $10m term loan with Oxford Finance LLC.

The proceeds of the loan are being used to accelerate the ongoing sales of its NeuroBlate® System, a laserablation device utilized by neurosurgical specialists to treat brain lesions.

Founded in 1999, Monteris Medical focuses on developing innovative MRI-guided neurosurgical ablation tools and solutions for neurosurgeons. By combining Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), advanced navigation software and Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy, the company has created a system enabling surgeons to reach lesions that are difficult to access with standard surgery or were previously considered inoperable.
Monteris offers The NeuroBlate® System, a neurosurgical ablation device providing controlled therapy for brain lesions, the Monteris Mini-Bolt, a cranial bolt system that enables a robotic interface for protected and precise therapy delivery, as well as the AtamA™ Stabilization System for MRI-guided neurosurgical procedures requiring head fixation.



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