Equity Crowdfunding Platform SyndicateRoom Raises £3.1M in Series A Funding

syndicateroomSyndicateRoom, a Cambridge, UK-based equity crowdfunding platform, closed a £3.1m Series A funding round.

The round, whose funding target was reached im 10 hours on SyndicateRoom’s own platform, was led by Abcam founder Jonathan Milner, with participation from Unicorn AIM VCT which committed £1m.

The company will use the funds to expand operations and recruit new people.

Led by CEO Goncalo de Vasconcelos and CTO Tom Britton, SyndicateRoom is an equity crowdfunding platform dedicated to sophisticated investors. Via the platform, investors know that each opportunity is led by an experienced business angel or early-stage investors. Only after they have conducted their own due diligence, negotiated the valuation at which to invest, and invested their own money, opportunities are presented to members who invest at the same economic terms as the lead investor.
In March 2016, the company became a member of the London Stock Exchange, enabling investors to participate in IPOs and placings.



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