Kallyope Launches with $44M in Series A Funding

Kallyope, Inc., a New York City-based biotech company focused on harnessing the potential of the gut-brain axis, launched with $44m in Series A funding.

Backers included Polaris Partners, Lux Capital, Illumina, Inc., The Column Group, Tony Evnin, Ph.D., and Alexandria Venture Investments.

Founded by Charles Zuker, Ph.D., Tom Maniatis, Ph.D. and Richard Axel, M.D., and led by CEO Nancy Thornberry, Kallyope leverages technologies including sequencing, genetics, circuit mapping, neural imaging and bioinformatics to provide an understanding of gut-brain biology that will lead to novel therapeutics and products that improve human health and nutrition.
The company is based at the Alexandria CenterĀ® for Life Science in New York City, a collaborative life science campus in the heart of Manhattan.

Members of the advisory board include Michael Brown, M.D., Nobel laureate, Joseph Goldstein, M.D., Nobel laureate and Richard Scheller, Ph.D.,Lasker Award



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