Versione One Ventures Publishes Guide to Marketplaces

Version One Ventures, a Palo Alto, CA and Vancouver, BC, Canada-based early-stage venture capital firm investing in consumer internet, SaaS and mobile entrepreneurs throughout North-America, has published “A Guide to Marketplaces“.

Boris Wertz and Angela Tran Kingyens, who have curated the handbook, strongly believe in the power of marketplaces in shaping the future of commerce.

The guide, which includes the insights the guys at Version One have learned by working with marketplace companies and analyzing the industry day by day in the latest 15 years, points out that there different ways to build and grow a marketplace and tries to let readers understand the path that works for each case to “spark the virtuous circle of supply and demand“.

How to select the right market? Which are the success factors? Ho to seed, grow, and scale a marketplace? How to find the right business model?
What to do when services are delivered offline? How to find the right pricing strategy? WHich are the new types of marketplace? Which are the metrics to analyze? How to work with Investors?
These are the questions the guide tries to answer. Entrpreneurs worldwide should have a look here.



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