Stampery Closes $600K in Funding

stamperyStampery Inc., a San Francisco, CA- and Madrid, Spain-based startup that leverages blockchain technology to bring to the market digital data notarization, closed $600k in funding.

The round was led by Draper & Associates with participation from Boost VC, Blockchain Capital and angel investor Di-Ann Eisnor, head of Growth at Waze.

Led by Daniele Levi, CEO, Luis Iván Cuende, CTO, Stampery provides a blockchain based digital data notarization platform that aims to replace notary publics by enabling users to generate proof of existence, integrity and ownership for any document or digital communication. The company’s technology allows anybody from every part of the world to verify automatically (and at zero cost) that documents or communications “notarized” with Stampery were made by a specific person on a specific date and that they weren’t modified.
All the proofs are automatically generated, impossible to modify, damage or destroy and valid globally – forever – even if the company disappears.

The platform has several applications and customers are using the product to notarize all kinds of digital transactions to generate audit trails, to establish ownership of digital assets and to protect their intellectual property.



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