Gianfranco and Serena Cordero Raises $750K in Crowdfunding via

corderoGianfranco and Serena Cordero, a near Cuneo, Italy-based father-daughter team of winemakers specializing in the production of wines from Italy’s Piedmont region, raised $750K in crowdfunding via

Gianfranco Cordero, a winemaker and oenologist with more than 130 clients in the Piedmont, and his daughter Serena, began producing wines in 2006, using grapes from the vineyard once worked by Serena’s late grandfather, Teresio, will now produce Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera wines under their own family label “Gianfranco and Serena Cordero”. is a online wine company that allows wine lovers (called angels on the platform) to invest directly in winemakers by setting aside $40 per month, all of which goes toward their next purchase. The company then invests these funds in winemakers around the world to make wine exclusively for
Given this, angels will receive Gianfranco and Serena Cordero’s bottles for a fraction of the cost that will be offered to the public in the upcoming general release.



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