CyPhy Works Receives Strategic Investment from Motorola Solutions

cyphy_worksCyPhy Works, a Danvers, MA-based developer of advanced drones, received a strategic investment from Motorola Solutions.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed. Motorola Solutions’ investment in CyPhy Works is part of its strategy to advance mission-critical communications by connecting public safety and commercial customers with real-time data and intelligence.

Founded by Helen Greiner, co-founder of iRobot, CyPhy Works has developed a drone technology and business roadmap that uses microfilament tether technology enabling long-duration or persistent flight with secure streaming of high-speed data and high-definition video. Its flying robots are suited for use in public safety and commercial applications. The company offers “no-pilot” hardware systems, autopilot and control software, uninterrupted high-definition and infrared imaging, and laser measurement sensors. The company’s microfilament technology can be used for long-term, long-duration operation in the field without charging batteries, which enables real-time secure data transfer to the ground station.




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