Nomos Software and XMLdation Partnership Delivers Solutions to 15 European Banks

Nomos Software, a Cork, Ireland-based technology vendor, in partnership with XMLdation, a Finnish provider of end-to-end testing and simulation services for payment-related XML messages, is now delivering solutions to 15 banks across 10 countries in Europe to improve their customer implementation experience.

In the framework of the deal, XMLdation delivers the SaaS services, while Nomos Software provides the backend technology for the services optimized for financial messaging.

Led by Tricia Balfe, CEO, and backed by Kernel Capital through its Bank of Ireland Seed Fund, Nomos Software has developed technology that enables clients to create internet services based on XML, ISO 20022 and API capabilities.

Led by Juha Keski-Nisula, founder, XMLdation provides a cloud-based solution that assists banks, vendors and corporates in the migration to XML-based financial transactions, their maintenance and holistic XML management.




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