Andreessen Horovitz, 15 Tech Trends and 1 Advise

andreessen-horowitzIn a series of post entitled “16 Things“, venture capital firm Andreessen Horovitz unveiled 15 tech trends they are following with particular attention.

The list includes:
Virtual Reality, seen by Chris Dixon as “the last medium”
Sensorification of the Enterprise, Scott Weiss considering the value of the sensors in being a shortcut for the user interface.
Machine Learning + Big Data, explained by Peter Levine as follows: “Machine learning is to big data as human learning is to life experience: We interpolate and extrapolate from past experiences to deal with unfamiliar situations. Machine learning with big data will duplicate this behavior, at massive scales
The Full-Stack Startup, a new approach to build a complete, end-to-end product or service that bypasses incumbents and other competitors (Dixon).
Containers, which isolate an application from the underlying hardware.
Digital Health, as various personal genomic, quantified self, and mobile diagnostic technologies are become more accessible.
Online Marketplaces, which, according to Jeff Jordan, are to be applied to new segments to serve the needs of businesses.
Security, as threats move away from individual PCs and private data centers to the cloud and mobile.
Bitcoin (and Blockchain), which has just begun to be accepted.
Cloud-Client Computing, which runs smart applications and stores data out at the endpoint, synchronized with the back-end cloud.
Crowdfunding, which is going into the mainstream via mobile.
Internet of Things, to make old stuff smart.
Online Video, helping people who generate content monetize it.
Insurance, with software rewriting “the entire way we buy and experience our insurance products“.
DevOps, “to help organizations rapidly produce software products and services — and to improve operations performance“.

The sixteenth thing is Failure, a concept on which Marc Andreessen recently tweeted about:




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