ventureLab Growth Partners Launches Startup Studio

venturelabventureLab Growth Partners¬†launched a “startup studio” designed to develop marketable technologies and help entrepreneurs build and commercialize early-stage startups.

With offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco and led by Mike Prasad, Founding Partner, the studio team identifies potential technologies that fit specific opportunities in both U.S. and international markets then develops each into independent businesses within strategic groups.
Each startup team will receive seed funding along with daily hands-on product, marketing and operational support. The studio also provides access to real market insights, live audience data and revenue-generating partnerships via its global network of commercial partners.

ventureLab startups are clustered together based on complementary positions within a market sector. This approach is designed to leverage talent, expertise, and operational support and create an optimized ecosystem of product relationships and business advantages that bring efficiencies between startups.

The first cluster is centered on advertising technology and consumer engagement around the confluence of social/gaming media, content and community. Future clusters include digital health and app-driven commerce.

ventureLab is based in Los Angeles and San Francisco with partner offices in Singapore, Bangkok and Manila.



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