Novaerus Completes $10M Funding Round

Novaerus_logoNovaerus, a Chicago, IL- and Dublin, Ireland-based company that applies plasma-based, airborne pathogen control technology to improve the business and quality of healthcare, completed a $10m funding round.

Backers included Polaris Partners and Fidelity Biosciences.

The company, which had previously received an investment from Oyster Capital Partners, intends to use the funds to continue to develop its product offerings, expand sales and marketing initiatives, and grow in the long-term care market while establishing its position in adjacent healthcare markets.

Led by Bill McCabe, chairman and chief executive officer, Novaerus developes airborne pathogen control technology, which is deployed in hundreds of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities across North America and Europe. Its air sterilization technology uses a patented plasma barrier to help reduce the presence of airborne bacteria, pathogens, mold, allergens and odors, and has been effective against MRSA, C-diff, Norovirus and influenza.



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