DEV Korea Selects Companies for Discovery Fund Investment and Accelerator Program

dev_logoDigital Entertainment Ventures (DEV), an early stage venture capital firm, and its Seoul-based partner, DEV Korea, have selected four companies for investment through its DEV Korea Discovery Fund and accelerator program.

The companies are:
moonROK, a premier source of K-pop news and entertainment.
Botem, which creates human recognition sensor devices that determine people’s movement direction with applications including building management, disaster prevention, and security systems.
MtoV, which provides a driving image-sharing service called Link-V, which is a crowd-sourced dashcam application that gathers and shares images taken from user vehicles.
Sogware, a game development company for both online PC and mobile games with expertise in server load testing tools and AI development.

They add to the first group, which was announced last month, including:
Contents First, a market creator in the online digital comics industry.
Richslide, a media signage platform that connects users, hardware and advertisers.
Mushroom, an art rental market.
Soundmate, a music social networking service.
PinStory, an online and mobile business review platform targeted at markets in Asia.
Goonies, a developer of educational tablet devices for children.



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