IsoPlexis Raises $300K from Connecticut Innovations

IsoPlexis, a Branford, Conn.-based life science research tools company, raised $300k from Connecticut Innovations (CI).

The company intends to use the funds to conduct engineering and software updates, finalize a beta version of its product, and support additional hospital and clinical case studies. It will also go toward product development and working capital.

Led by Sean Mackay, CEO, IsoPlexis provides proprietary single cell multiplexing immunoassay and software suite that gives access to in-depth biological characterization of important immune and cancer cell subsets among heterogeneous populations. Its tool enables discovery of novel biomarkers and accurate testing of molecules for clinical activity against these heterogeneous subsets.
IsoPlexis is a Yale Startup supported by Yale Entrepreneurial Institute and Office of Cooperative Research for the commercialization of an exciting technology from the laboratory of Dr. Rong Fan.



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