FarmLink Raises $40M in Series B Financing

farmlinkFarmLink, a Kansas City, Mo.-based provider of a suite of solutions for farmers to maximize productivity, raised $40m in Series B financing.

The round was led by OpenAir Equity Partners with participation from Thorndale Farm, private investors Don Walsworth and John Rose, and new investor Early Investments.

Led by Ron LeMay, Chairman and CEO,  and Scott Robinson, President, FarmLink provides TrueHarvest, which  provides actionable information that farmers can use to determine how and where to apply their resources and objectively measure results.
TrueHarvest allows them to measure their land’s performance and the effectiveness of every annual decision they make, such as seed selection, other input decisions and promising new prescriptive farming services. Farmers also can make adjustments, in coordination with input providers and other agronomic advisors, and then determine how changes to inputs and services contribute to meeting performance goals, including productivity and profitability.
Farmlink also operates a leasing fleet, under the MachineryLink brand, which  allows farmers to use the technology to harvest crops at a lower cost than owning the machinery.



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