Gill Business Systems Raises $3M in Series A Financing

Group of Companies Gill Business Systems, developers of inventory distribution system for passenger bus transportation carriers and online ticket sales, raised $3m in Series A round of financing.

Backers included InVenture Partners, Intel Capital and FinSight Ventures.

The company intends to use the funds for geographical expansion in Russia, South-East Asia and Africa as well as further business development in Ukraine.

Founded in 2010, Gill Business Systems consists of four ventures: software development company GBS (Ukraine), distribution and sales companies in Russia (Busfor), Ukraine (E-Travels) and Thailand (Transport Systems).
Starting from 2012, the company’s system is working on basic routes in Ukraine with the distribution network of over 500 agents. In the beginning of 2014, GillBus started business expansion in South-East Asia opening a subsidiary called Transport Systems in Thailand.




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