Yan Engines Raises $4M

Yan Engines, an Austin, TX-based developer of fuel-efficient technologies for power generation and transportation, raised $2m in a Series A round of funding.

This brought the total amount raised to date to $4m.

Backers included New Energy Holdings, a European Private Equity firm.

Incorporated in 2006 by inventor Dr. MJ Yan, Yan Engines has invented Differential Stroke Cycle Engine, or D-Cycle Engine, which requires only component level changes to existing 4-stroke engines to produce substantial fuel efficiency and performance improvements. The company is currently working to build and test its engines with the US military as well as several other commercial applications benefiting from fleet engine retrofit.
This first engine was built in Taiwan, but in Fall 2011, Yan Engines moved its operations to Austin and joined ATI’s Clean Energy Incubator,  where it recently graduated from.
Yan will also be working to explore fuel economy in power generation engines, especially in countries in Asia where power is produced by diesel generators in smaller municipalities that are not attached to power grids.



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