AppZero Raises $3M

appzeroAppZero, an Andover, MA- and Ottawa, ON, Canada-based provider of a cloud migration platform, raised $3M in funding.

Backers included:
Nigel Stokes, AppZero Chairman
Joseph Alsop, former CEO and co-founder of Progress Software,
Covington Capital, a Canadian venture capital investment firm,
Frank A Bonsal, Jr., founder of New Enterprise Associates (NEA),
Matt Ocko, co-founder and co-Managing Partner of Data Collective, and
– individual investments from the partners of Gold Bench Capital, LLC.

Led by CEO Greg O’Connor, AppZero offers an automated tool to migrate applications onto newer operating systems, machine or cloud, including managed clouds, so they can run natively on any version of them.
Customers include Pabst Brewing Company and a number of large pharmaceutical companies and investment banks.

The company is hiring.



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