MVNO Dynamics Secures Seed Funding

MVNODynamicsMVNO Dynamics Limited, a London, England, UK-based an online B2B portal that is dedicated to covering MVNx community, secured a seed funding of undisclosed amount.

The names of the backers were not disclosed.

The company intends to use the funds to expand the team and further accelerate expansion and deployment of its Dynamics Intelligence Network (MDIN).

Led by Ramy Caspi, Founder and CEO, MVNO Dynamics provides news and resources with 8,000+ aggregated articles, 900 MVNO profiles and 200+ MVNA/E profiles. The company has just launched its Dynamics Intelligence Network (DIN) Platform, which was built using Salesforce® technology.
It also hosts local networking events and publishes Dynamic Edge, a magazine dedicated to the MVNx market.



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