Lumiata Raises $4M in Series A Financing

LumiataLogoJPGLumiata (formerly known as MEDgle), a San Mateo, CA -based provider of predictive analytics around medical science and patient data, raised $4m in Series A financing.

Khosla Ventures made the investment.

The company intends to use the funds to refine and commercialize its engine.

Led by Ash Damle, founder and CEO, Lumiata provides a medical graph-based predictive analytics engine, which collects massive amounts of medical science data (including over seven million pages from textbooks and medical journals, and more than 100 gigabits of public data from the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, etc.), organizes it in inter-connected graphs similar to Facebook’s social graph, and produces insights for patient care. This allows health providers to run anonymized medical records, genetic information or sensor data to receive hyper-personalized predictions and recommendations for individual patients.

The solution is currently being piloted by major hospital networks and health insurance carriers to deliver better-informed patient care.

Lumiata’s real-time predictive analytics are available via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which can be used to pull both aggregate and specific patient insights into the systems, devices and daily workflows that hospitals and insurers already use during patient interactions. In the future, the company will also leverage its medical graph to give individuals the data they need to optimize their own health and wellness.



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